Where to Shop

The following Thunder Bay shops offer a variety of GF products. Inclusion of a listing does not imply endorsement of a product or organization by the C.C.A.

Agostino Deli

230 Leland Avenue, 475-0475
(GF pasta and cookies from Italy, fruit & vegetables)

Bay Meats Butcher

282 Bay Street, 344-9501
(GF Smokies,)

Bonobo\'s Foods

493 Oliver Road

Bulk Barn 

1186 Memorial Avenue (McIntyre Centre), 622-1178
(GF flours, pasta,  cookies, cereal, crackers)

Bulk Zone

131 Frederica Street, 622-2855
485 Memorial Avenue, 346-2270
(a good variety of gluten free products)

Canada Safeway Limited

115 West Arthur Street, 473-5993
70 North Court Street, 345-2651
1015 Dawson Road, 768-0099
(frozen breads, waffles, baking; cereals, flours, pasta, crackers, cookies)
4 Balsam Street, 345-7053 
(gf desserts)

George\'s Market-Midway Grocery

Celebrations by George\'s for Giftware and Gluten Free Desserts

14 Balsam Street, 345-7021
(GF pasta, fruits, vegetables, meats) 

A Gluten Free Harvest

Karen Romito, 212 Emerald Street,  629-5033
(gluten free/wheat free products)

Kelly\'s Nutrition Centre & Juice Bar

820 Red River Road, 345-1333
(many gf products, baking supplies, natural foods, organic produce & meat)

Maltese Grocery

301 Pearl Street, 344-5911
(GF pasta from Italy, meats, fruits, vegetables)


2 Stores on Arthur Street and 1 on River Street
(Have many gf items under their own brand name of "Irresistables"  now stocking a brand of cereal that is gf  simply named "O\'s also Chex

Nutrition Corner & Country Store

142 Centennial Square, 623-4333
(wheat/gluten free items, baking supplies, natural food & bulk items)

Peartree Bakery

386 Cumberland Street North, 766-9660
Gluten Free Only Bakery- All baking needs supplied!

Renco Foods

161 S. Court Street,345-3947  & 146 Centenniel Square  939-3947
(Corn pasta & cookies from Italy)  


Corner of Carrick & Harbour Expressway
(alternative flours, rice papers, soups, cereal)

Please check Ingredient Lists each time food items are purchased to verify gluten-free ingredients. Manufacturers do change ingredients used in their products.